Beacon Hill Halloween Recap

When October rolls around on Beacon Hill it brings a certain mood to the cobble stone streets and quiet dark alleys. The bristling of leaves kicking off your feet and a chill in the air are signs that the season is changing and with that comes the Holiday that brings out the inner child in each and every one of us; Halloween. This year Beacon Hill residents brought their Halloween decorations to new a level. Goblins and ghouls could be seen hanging from windows and fences, giant spiders took over Louisburg Sq. and carved pumpkins were seen taking over gardens and front steps of row houses.

When Monday, October 31 finally came, the streets of Beacon Hill were brimming with families going door to door for a trick or treat. We managed to get out there to take some photos throughout the day to highlight just how special this day is to the people of this historic neighborhood. Have a look below and enjoy!










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